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Rockn' Brick Crew
Old New England Wall Stone

We offer a full scope of residential services. Areas of residential work are new construction, remodels, restoration, and maintenance. Our crews are experienced in chimney construction, stone and brick veneer work, tuck pointing, waterproofing, chimney flashing repair and engineered structural concrete block work.

Deer Isle Granite


Taught proper chimney and fireplace mechanics we are adept at solving problems such as leaky chimneys, poor drafting fireplaces and bringing older chimney up to modern code requirements without compromising historical esthetics. Not only do we take part in period restoration of brick and stone homes but we also take equal care in small economy projects where homeowners need someone to do what a certain budget allows.

Residential Chimney and Wall Work

Our services for the residential market also include a full range of Hardscaping products. Stone walls, both mortared and free standing dry laid have been a specialty since our father started in the late seventies. We also are experienced with many paver solutions, such as concrete pavers, brick pavers and both mosaic and rectangular stone pavers.

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